Painter lines


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a wood canvas OT 17ft Otca. I would like to attach painter lines on this canoe and needed some ideas. On my royalex canoes, I drilled a hole in the bow and stern but afraid to do this.
If you have open gunwales then you can always run a line through the slots between the ribs and rails near the deck. The other option is to put a painter ring on the deck or stem but this will involve drilling a hole. The image at shows an original painter ring from 1914. The image at shows the same style ring on a stem. Reproductions of these rings are available today from several sources.

Where to buy painter rings

Benson mentions that painter rings are available from several sources. I have purchased them from Northwoods Canoe, but they are no longer availble from that source. What are other sources of painter rings with the through bolt?