Paint to use for canoe


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm letting the canvas filler dry and in the mean time I am trying to figure out what type of paint to use. Is there a special kind? i.e. marine paint?

Depending on your tastes you can use most any oil based enamel. That's the general idea anyway. The better, more expensive paints in my opinioin are worth it. I really like petit high build primer followed by petit marine enamel. I also really really like Kirby's. Epiphanes is a good one too. as are the others. You can also use Rustoleum enamel or Valspar enamel. The Valspar I've used is found at the local TSC store. Rustoleum is at Home Depot. Jamestown Distributors is found online and they ship quick. they have a good selection.
Thanks for all the help Dave. I'll post final pics of the canoe after I get it painted in a few weeks. Can't wait for the weather to warm and get this thing in the water!!
Rostoleum is inexpensive. comes in a varity of colors, and if you run short of it in the middle of a paint job, more is just your local hardware store away. I have used it with good results. Good luck with your project! Bill
OK, just normal Rustoleum enamel? They also sell a 'topside' marine enamel. I'm thinking and hoping you mean the normal run of the hardware store enamel. While we are at it, what type of cheap primer. I almost bought exterior latex based primer, but decided against it. I'll check Jameston colors in a minute. Thanks folks.
Heda, Yes I have used just the regular rustoleum. I have not done it yet but you might check at the store to get a certain shade mixed if you don't see what you like. I have used rustoleum primer also it's thick so lay it on in thin coats so it will be easier to sand. Bill