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Ok!....I know....its all been said a million times....but I am about to paint 3 restorations and when I stopped at a local Benjamin Moore, they wouldnt sell me anythng they had to go on canvas...their claim was that any little pin hole in the canvas would start a reaction of lifting the paint away from the filler... I can get car paint and spray it, I can get Rustoleum but not in the colors I want around here, and I reluctantly am facing heading to a marina to get marine paint...Bill Clement had spray painted a beautiful canoe with some kind of car paint that was something urethane and had it mixed in the good old Old Town Green....PLUS...I am ready to prime them and could also use some final advice on what the proper primer would be to get...

I have read so much that I am now totally confused!

I don't recall the type of filler you used but I have had good luck with Kirby and marine paint from West Marine. i also had good luck with farm tractor paint. All oil based. the tractor paint I got from tsc store for under $10. Mr. Kirby's is around ten bucks more and real good stuff. I have not ever used primer and have had no lifting. but the canoes don't stay in the water for long periods. I am about to try a filler made for basements. it is a latex sealer with silica. the only glitch is that the silica has to be the really fine stuff. if it is course then I'd have a really long sanding block in the shape of a Penn Yan Guide.
Regards, Dave.
Thanks for the comeback Dave;
There is a West marine about 2 hours from here so I might just take off and head down there tomorrow..its suposed to hit 95 here so I think a nice cool ride would be in order. I wish you cold have seen Bill Clements restoration...that thing looked like it should have been heading for a marine museum..It was like New...he showed me the can of Car paint and the color but like a jerk I didnt write anything down...He is in NY at the convention right now...Nice easy going guy with a wealth of knowledge and Easier ways to do it...Like using a roller instead of the 2 inch scrub brush..That worked great.. the short foam roller just pushed that stuff in...I used his filler and he did recommend 2 coats of primer

I like his filler too. Good stuff. It is on a 13' OT curing in my barn right now. I will not be using primer. And I will be painting with Kirby Blind Green.

Blue Viking:

If you want to save some petrol, both Kirby and Jamestown have great delivery. Call or order on-line and the paint shows up in a day or two.