Paint color selection


Mad Badger
In Memoriam
Why doesn't anyone have a rainbow of good marine enamel? Interlux has maybe 20 colors... Does anyone else have more colors? Has anyone tried mixing two colors of Interlux?
Badger Dave,
Pettit Easypoxy has a good selection. I've mixed colors with no problem. I always add 3oz. of Penetrol per quart. Helps it f-l-o-w...

I've used Interlux Brightsides a couple of times. No problems, but I just sorta lean toward Pettit. It's predictable.

Want a special color? Call George Kirby of Kirby Paint Company. He can match a sample. He makes Camp Manitowish Orange for me.

There is a new company on the west coast. The name escapes me. He sent a sample that I thought was pretty good. Good prices, too. Haven't tried more than a half pint, but it looked good, and flowed well.

Well...., back to the shop!! Idle know!