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Can anyone suggest a good marine paint (for canvas) that is available in a maroon color? I would like to use something other than blues, greens and reds. It looks like the Pettit and Interlux I normally use do not come in this color.
On a few canoes, I've used Petit EasyPoxy Burgundy #3626 and been very happy with it. It's a very nice color and a fine-working product.
The Kirby paint has a reputation of being easy to scratch. I am concerned about that, especially with a dark color.

Michael, is there any chance that you might have a photo of a canoe that you painted with the Pettit color?

Persian Red

I just painted an OTCA with Persian Red special mixed by Mr. Kirby. The canoe had to be that color because the family said it had always been that color.

I have not noticed Kirby's being any more prone to scratching than other paints. I think it does lose it's gloss some with age.
Check with the retailer. Most paint shops can tint the paint whatever color you want, and as far as I know you can tint urethanes, epoxies, and oil-based with equally good results.

Here's a link to a scratch test that Jamestown Distributors did a while ago with Pettit, Interlux and Epifanes paints-
Petit Burgundy

I've done a few in Pettit Burgundy #3626. I absolutely love it. It is a deep "blood" red. The photos show the color as lighter than it actually is. The one of me paddling the 1914 Old Town Ideal is probably the best representation.


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The Pettit Burgundy looks like it's a bit lighter than what I was hoping to find but it really does look good! Nice paint job on that canoe.
Thanks. Now I'm wondering how I missed that color when I was looking at the Jamestown site the other night.

As an aside, how can we find out about the Kirby scratch resistance? The Jamestown scratch test attachment is very interesting. Has anyone ever compared Kirby to these paints?
Search Much?


Another thing to remember is that the EPA mandated formulation changes took much of the good hardeners out of paint, and reduced the amount of mineral spirits allowed. Penetrol or mineral spirits would thin the paint and make it brush on better at a thinner layer, which I would guess would dry faster and better than a thick layer. Adding some dryers might help.

Epoxy, urethanes, and polyurethanes rely on a catalyst and moisture in the air to cure and so don't need the hardeners that old-line alkyd paints do. And they are VOC compliant, unlike the good oil-based stuff you can't buy any longer.
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Ditto on Kirbys. But you will need penetrol to thin it. Call them and talk to them. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

In fact, the ran down some Valspar sea gold yellow for me when I was re-painting a 1978 Seliga that was original to that brand and color.