CIL Professional Marine Enamel

Scot T

LOVES Wooden Canoes
I was out and about today looking at the color possibilities (enjoying the sunshine and being lazy, actually) for a Huron canoe I plan on painting next week. The filler appears to be fully cured so time to "have at 'er".

Anyways, a local paint store has a good price on some CIL Professional Marine Enamel paint and I'm wondering if any here has had experience with it. I searched the site and didn't see more than a couple references to it. I gather from the CIL website that it's been around a long time so I'm sure there are plenty of canoes with it on. But just thought I'd ask and see what people here thought.

The price is good, the color, so...Fire engine bright red, " Nasty yellow", Forest green, Battleship grey, Royal know, old school working canoe colors, the ones that might look good on a Huron.
I use it a lot. Its very forgiving and easy to use. The Green a very nice green, the red is very red. The gloss is not extreme, which can be nice.

CIL also have a tint base so you can ave custom colours mixed, anything you want!

My favourite is Maroon, red with a little black added, which I mix in myself. It makes for a very classy colour.

Its also possible to get some flattening agent (a powder) added in for a flat finish. The store won't guaranteed how mat unless they have the proportions worked out for the quantity of paint that you buy.
Thanks for the reply Douglas. I'll pick up some. I'm not keen on the colors that they have on sale (just being a cheapo here), but I'll do a bit of mixing and make one that works for me.