Masking tape question

Jerry Fruetel

A well built wooden canoe is a work of art
Does anyone have experience using 3M's green 233+ masking tape?

It reportedly is stickier than most, and leaves no residue. I am considering using it on a new w/c hull to mask different colors of Kirby glossy enamel paint. But I'm concerned it may be so sticky it will damage the paint, especially recently painted surfaces.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's used it.
I've used it on a few things, including the dividing line on a two-tone canoe paint job and didn't have any problems. You do want to be careful to peel it off properly - meaning slowly at an even rate and pulling it back over itself along, and close to, the hull, not pulling out and away from the hull.
I have just finished using the 3M tape on a two-stage paint operation. I'm able to say I am quite pleased with the result. In the first stage, I put down tape on 3-day-dry blue paint to get a red border. Once that was similarly dry, I taped over both the blue and the red to do a gold pinstripe. I removed the tape as soon as the gold had dried a day. Most folks likely would have waited longer in all stages, both applying and removing, but I had no problems. Seems to be a better tape than many other products. I was trying for an "old" looking finish, so not trying for perfection in paint finish. Had to touch up a couple of minor places, nothing serious. I strongly advise carefully following Todd's instructions on removal.


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Roger - That is, without doubt, the biggest dining room table I have ever seen. It must measure, what, about 14 - 15 feet wide?? And what huge shears and tape measures you have, grandpa!!!! The canoe looks good, even so!! Al
Thanks, everyone.

I plan to leave the tape on between coats. I may do three coats of color #1, applied on day 1, 3 and 5, then remove the tape on day 6 and wait a week. Then, I'll mask color #1 and similarly apply 3 coats of color #2 over the next 6 days.

What do you think of that plan? Too fast? Too slow? I want to give the paint sufficient time to set up between coats, yet not leave the tape on too long.