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I am restoring a 1932 Old Town HW model, 17 foot, AA Grade. The outwales that were on the boat when it came to me were clearly not original, and a number of other pretty rough repairs had been made over the years. One remaining 'unknown' for me is the cross sectional shape of the outwales, and before I rip into my 18 foot mahogany plank, I would like to have some idea of where I am going. Similarly, the keel that was on the boat was about 1.5" square ( and pretty rotten) - any guidance on what shape this should be? Thanks, LEW

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I just took the gunwale and keel off of a 1942 HW and took these measurements. I don't think OT made many changes over the years. Maybe this will help you and if these are wrong, maybe someone else will help out.



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Ric - Thanks for the feedback! Just what I needed to move forward on this restoration. I will post a picture or two as I move along.