Outer stem Hardware

Howard Caplan

Wooden Canoe Maniac
I am removing planks and rot from a Penn Yan. The outer stems on this boat - a lot of rot will be replaced - are attached with nails. This doesn't hit me as correct. Should the new be fastened with screws?
Since Howard bought the canoe from us I figured I ought to reply.
We bought the canoe from the original purchaser. He bought it new in 1947 though it was made in 1946 according to the S/N. It also has an original PY decal. So I think it is really a PY.
He may have removed the OS when he took off the canvas before glassing it. Then just nailed them back since he was going to glass over them anyway.
The OS were removed and possibly replaced when the canvas came off, some planks were replaced and the canoe was glassed.
Screws, then, were the original method and screws will be used.
There are many odd fastners on this boat including several button head nails and some ringed nails where they shouldn't be. I assume the original owner used what he had when he removed the old canvas and glassed it.

The Inner stems are both rotted toward the top and I am hoping I don't find too much more decay throughout once I am able to see the whole stem. What is the thought on this Git Rot? If I trim out the rot to solid wood and then scarf onto the existing stem, will rot, potentially, continue without Git Rot or is this product recommended?