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Could someone please describe to me, or perhaps post a few pictures, of the stem tip detail for an OTCA with outer stems? The boat I am working on is a 1916 18 foot OTCA with outer stems. It came to me already partially disassembled, so I did not get a look at this detail. I have to splice in new stem tips, inwale and outwale tips, and make all new outer stems, so I would like to have some idea of what the finished product should look like. I am particularly interested in how the outer stem meets the inwales/outwales. Thanks! LEW
Here are a few photos of two that I have. One is 1916, the other is 1917, and both are 17' in AA grade. All wood is original, so this should be accurate. Inside stem comes up under inwales, and inwales are nailed to stem top with steel nails. Outside stem comes up past the ends of the inwales and between the outwale tips. The outside stem tip is rabbeted on each side to recieve the outwales.

Interesting note- on these canoes, the outside stems taper in width of the outside face from 1/2" at keel gradually to 3/8" at tips, and they also taper in height from 7/8" to 1/2" at tips. This is true on both canoes. These are just the beginning of lots of subtle detail they added to these early AA-grade canoes.

Please let me know if you need more detail. Some of these are photos are quick snaps; I'd get some better one today, but the weather is a bit nasty right now so difficult to move canoes around.



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Thanks for the excellent photos and description of the details! I have to make new outside stems and a keel for this boat, so now I know what the finished product should look like. What a wonderful resource this Forum is!!! Thanks once again. LEW