Outboard Shaft Length


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Anyone had any experience with small outboards on Y stern canoes? I'm in the market for a 2-2.5 hp outboard for the Canadian Canoe Co. 16' Prospector style Y stern that I'm working on. The transom height is about 19" off the ground with canoe sitting flat. This measurement is approximate because of the rocker in the bottom. Standard convention for outboard powered planing hulls is that if the measurement from the keel to the top of the transom is over 17.25", a long shaft is required. However since this is not a planing hull, the boat will be sitting lower in the water with a load, and the shape of the rear of the boat is far different from a standard outboard powered hull, I'm thinking that a short (15") shaft will work. If someone has had any experience with this I would appreciate your thoughts