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John Greer

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Looking for build info on I 26533 16. Looks like an Old Town. Was asked to look at canoe as fit for restoration. Poor old girl had been left outside without canvas for the past 12-15 years. Think it probably would be best for a planter at this stage. Too bad it was left outside as most ribs were in good shape. Fellow told me he used to water it for a while so it wouldn't dry out!
Ot 126533 - 16


Looks like this may be a match...if it's an Old Town.

Anyway, the subject canoe was shipped on May 1, 1939, 66th birthday right around the corner. It was built as a 16' OTCA in CS grade, birch decks, keel and the original color was yellow. The original customer was The Beebe Company, Portland, OR.

Build record attached.

Hate to see it go to the stick pile,



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Thanks Ric. Yes it's a OT. Sorry to see it left out for so many years as it still retains it 's shape and would have made a good restoration. Fellow bought it in the 40's in Oregon.