serial number 19609 50?


Some time ago I asked for info on a serial number that was stamped into the stem of an old canoe I'd purchased. I didn't realize until I started scraping varnish that the number was incomplete; there was an additional 50 about three inches to the right of the first number, so it should have read 19609 50. Does that add any more useful info to the canoe's ID? It's 16' long and I'm guessing Chestnut or Chestnut built and then possibly marketed through the Canadian Canoe Company according to the fellow I bought it from.
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Gordon Trick, Vancouver Canada
Model number 50 is indeed consistent with the Canadian Canoe Company Special Canvas (lightweight) 16' canoe.

Thanks Dan. The canoe was painted red, consistent with Canadian's models, and I think the canvas was original though that's hard to say for sure; it was borderline rotten in more than a few places. The decks are heart-shaped, with the 'heart' undercut to make the decks 1/2" thick at the front edge (otherwise 3/4" thick). Cant ribs are the same width as other ribs (2 1/4" +/-) and all ribs are spaced evenly about 1 1/4" apart (measured along the bottom of the canoe). All ribs are tapered slightly towards the gunwhale end. I'm wondering if it could reflect Chestnut's pre-fire designs as built by or sold by the Canadian Canoe Co. It's a fine piece of craftsmanship in relatively good shape with beautiful lines, and I'm enjoying working on it immensely, but curious as to whether the construction details can suggest anything about its age, and /or if there's anything more specific that I could look for.