OT planking

Tom Widney

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Seems like my questions just keep flowing.
The OT Guide 18ft 70's canoe I'm working on will need a few new plank repairs. I'm under the impression that OT used western red cedar as their material of choice. The planking on this canoe is approximately 4 in wide. The premilled planking I seem to find on the internet all seems to be Northern White Cedar. Do I want to use the white and stain or is there a source via the internet where I would be better off ordering premilled Western Red. I'm sure given the number of OT's out there that a simple solution exists.
I don't have the tools to mill my own rough stock. On the other hand I may be confused about OT and the red cedar planking but the few feet of planking I bought in the early 90's when I got the filler seems to be 3in. cedar, I thought I would be getting four in at the time.
Thanks again for your input.
Check the suppliers list

You can probably get exactly what you need from one of the supliers listed on this site. You could use white and stain it but getting red should be easy enough. You may have to stain that too.
The 1937 Guide I'm working on used 3.75" red and I'm having to stain to match. You'll likely have to stain no matter which you use but your bigger issue if you can't mill your own is getting the right width. Clear Western Red Cedar is relatively easy to find (house siding etc.) but you'll need to resaw and rip. If you have a Woodcraft store (or similar) nearby they should be able to help you find someone willing to mill planking. Post a notice here with your location and you might get a member to help you out.