OT HW CS 17' or ?

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I have what I thought was an OT HW CS 17. After looking it over with Pete Mathews yesterday there are now a few questions. The canoe has OT style decks with Kennebec D style outer rails held on by brass screws from the inside rail. The seats were held on by OT diamond head style bolts. The curve of the bow and stern are very much OT. There is an oval outline on the bow deck where an oval plate had been fastened. On the stern deck there is a very faint outline that may be from a decal. When I bought it it came with an OT build record, #119136, shipped February 18, 1937 to Von Lengerke & Antoine. The # 119136 17 is stamped on the bow and stern stems. The stamp style appears to be similar to what OT used in regard to font and type size. What is it, is it OT or a combination OT/Kennebec or something else.
My guess is that you have an Old Town that once had a green VL&A tag like the one show at http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=5292&d=1215183768 on the bow deck. The D style outer rails are also occasionally found on Old Town canoes. Short Kennebec style rail caps were not commonly put on Old Town canoes at the factory but some examples are known to exist. The stern deck decal may also be a VL&A one.

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Thanks for your prompt response. There is no indication of rail caps and I would guess that any OT with ral caps would most likely be an AA rather than a CS.

Mine will need new outer rails on both sides. The standard OT styl erail is much easier to do than the D shape. However, there is somthing about the long clean line of a D shape fastened from the inside. I will have all winter to ponder this.

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