OT canoe ???

Greg Nolan

There is a canoe currently listed on eBay (in which I have no interest) described as a 1937 Old Town. Pictured with the listing is a build record describing the boat as an OTCA with 20" oak decks.

The picture of the canoe's decks show an arrowhead deck:



Did OT ever build decks like this? Or is this a canoe made by someone else -- St. Louis Merrimac -- or some other canoe that has been rebuilt or restored.

The canoe does have OT-style diamond head bolts -- but they could be the result of a rebuild/restore effort.

Any thoughts??
Looks like a replacement deck to me. I would expect a St. Louis deck/rail junction to be closer to midway along the length of the deck.

I just happen to have one laying around.... Never mind the deck tip splice. but this is what the deck looks like for St Louis.


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