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This is why I plan to get the serial number CDs some day: I sometimes encourage eBay sellers to request a build record if they have an Old Town, hoping (1) they will join or contribute to WCHA and (2) I will find out if I guessed correctly re the Old Town's model. However, not many sellers follow my good-natured advice and encouragement and actually show up here, and I have to be satisfied with merely determining the canoe's birth year via the graph.

I'm curious about the Budweiser canoe, however... interested in seeing if it's on the CD and what is said about it. According to the seller, the canoe's sn is 0062930274. I assume the "74" is the year, as that's what the seller gives as the year of its birth and there are too many digits. But perhaps plastic canoes were awarded more digits...

Another OT I'm curious about is the 17 foot sail canoe 125604. My curiosity was spurred by the seller's statement that the interior was never varnished but was painted, and the interior sure looks like stained wood to me.

Hi Kathryn - great meeting you at Assembly!

Benson will have to chime in on the Bud Boat - I only do micro-brews.

Canoe #125604 was assigned to a 17' HW model in AA grade with Mahogany rails, seats, decks & thwarts, a keel and sponsons. It also shipped with a rudder, mast step and mast seat. It was painted in design #4 with the name "Arteegee" ("RTG - someones initials?) painted on the right bow and left stern. It shipped to Syracuse IN in February of 1924. The build record and design are attached.

I'll skip the WCHA membership plug for you - you have already been brainwashed by drinking the cedar kool-aide.:D


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*Thanks* Mike!

**Whew**Took a while to get here and thank you...

Yes, it was great meeting you, Mike --- so nice to connect an actual human face with the various presences on this board!

I saved a picture of the Bud boat-- that auction ended without any bids, and I found it interesting because the seller didn't say anything about it being an Old Town... but it seemed very similar to the psychedelic boat Benson took to Assembly... except it was "Budding" out all over. (The seller mentioned built in coolers, too.) So, I emailed the seller and asked if the boat had a maker's name on it... and sure enough, it was an OT.

There's presently a Carleton on eBay sporting Old Town's no. 4 design. Seller says the canoe was restored by Old Town. Was that design (or other OT designs) ever put on a Carleton as the original design?


Pictures of the boats I mentioned above...


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