Old Town serial number 166800


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I'd be grateful if someone could tell me something about the canoe that the family used to take out on excursions years ago, serial number 166800 (then a space and 478). It dates from approximately the 1950s and, if it helps, it was ordered presumably alongside another one which has since been given away to other family members.

Can you provide some pictures of the serial numbers from each end, the full bow deck, and confirm the extreme overall length? The suggestions at the link below may help if some of the digits are difficult to read. The build record for serial number 166800 shows a 17 foot long boat with a mid deck and number 166300 shows a 15 foot long canoe with no keel. Both were made in 1957. The numbers at the end after the space usually indicate the length in feet but that doesn't seem to match in this case. Thanks,


Thank you for responding so quickly, and on a holiday! So, unfortunately, this number here was all I had to go on, as it appears to have been extensively refurbished in around 1990. But it is 17 feet long, I just measured, and does have a mid deck, assuming that's what this is (I'm not an expert).

(Also, apologies for the dusty barn and the dirty cloth being stored in it...)


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That doesn't look like an canoe or serial number from Old Town. The hull appears to be made from Royalex or a similar ABS plastic which was first introduced in the 1960s. There may be a hull identification number below the rail on the starboard stern if it was made after 1972. The information at https://www.usps.org/national/safety/HIN/HIN.pdf may help you decode this. Good luck,

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It looks a bit Mad River-ish. A picture of the decks and shear would be helpful.
Date-wise, I recall Royalex replacing canoes in our rental fleet beginning in the early 70's.....