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I have a 17' Old Town canoe. Serial number is located on a wood spline on the inside of the hull at the bow and stern. Number is 87116 17. The original color is dark green. The canoe may have been handed down to family members since it's purchase. I'm hoping that an original buyer name may be available as well. It would have been purchased in the Chicago area. Appreciate any help.
Hello MJK-- I'm having trouble with my computer in that section of the build records, and it isn't coming up on the other computer we have either... so, hold your horses and someone will get to it who has a computer that will cooperate. Looks like the canoe dates from the mid-1920s, but we'll get you an exact date.

Hello MJK,

The record for the Old Town canoe with serial number 87116 is attached.

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Hello again, MJK--

Looks like the canoe went to a dealership instead of an individual. Were you hoping to find a family member's name?
Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for the information. I knew having a buyers name on a build sheet would probably be a long shot unless it was purchased from the factory. I received the canoe from a great uncle who had received the canoe from his grandfather - who I believe could have been the original owner. I was told the grandfather carried the canoe from Chicago to Wyoming on a fishing trip on top of a Model A. The build date was about where I thought it would be.