Old Town S/N 48121 seeking info


I'll be in Navarre in July. Several members are snowbirds/Fl residents. rib blanks can be mailed pretty easily. If you can't find cedar or don't have saw and planer I'm sure you can find help.
OT ribs and palnking

Hi everyone

I ordered quite a few pre bent ribs from OT and had no problem fitting them into 1937 50lber. for planking I used clear w. Red Cedar clapboards that I had a bundle left over from the house job and planed them flat. Worked great especially if you have diff widths. I kept the serial# part of the stem and spliced in a new piece roughly a little way into the bend, also worked great. I used butternut for the splicing, this boat has ash outer stems, also purchased from OT. Heat shrunk dacron covering for a weight of 47 lbs. A pleasure to trip with. Quite surprised at the ruggedness of the dacron on rocks and sticks.


If you have not run across him yet, there is a WCHA member who has done a bit of restoration in Hernando. Quite an enjoyable chap. Heck, he took me on a tour of every bar in the area when I was visiting a couple of months ago.

I will contact him and get his OK to give you his contact information.