Old Town "paddling" model?


I was wondering if there was anymore info out there about this canoe I bought to restore... the serial number search revealed:

The canoe you inquire about was shipped on June 19, 1942 to Lake George, NY., as an 18' square stern, model "paddling" in CS (common sense) grade. It was ordered with spruce gunwales, ash decks, thwarts and seats with keel and sponsons. The original color was Dark Green. If it has a sail rig on it, that was added later. A build record is attached.

The question is, What was a Paddling model? I have not seen any reference to this model in any of the model lists I have seen. Also, as an 18ft 100+ pounder, with sponsons, it hardly seems like a "paddling" canoe!
This one happend to have a sailing rig attached which apparently was added later. Anyone care to comment on its suitability as a sailing hull?

Is it a rare boat? What was its intended use/ type of boat?



It truely was called the "Paddling" model. It was billed as a versatile canoe that could be paddled, rowed or use a motor. As you already know, they are large and heavy canoes that were not meant to be portaged. Primary use was by hunters and fishermen at camps. See attachment to explain further. As far as rarity, they didn't make many per year, so there isn't a big population of them out there like the HW or OTCA. Not sure if that qualifies as rare over not popular or specialized.

Hope this helps,

Ric Altfather


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Wow, thanks Ric. That is exactly what I was looking for. What catalog is this from?
I wonder if you could be so kind as to attach a gif of pg. 7 - description of sponsons?

Page 7...from 1942 catalog.

You might want to go to the on-line store and make a purchase of the Old Town Canoe Campany catalog collection on CD. It contains a wealth of information about the various models, options and accessories. Well worth it.



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