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Sooo my shop is really too frozen to work in now so I though I would see if I could get some info on stem details for my Ideal AA project. I would like to see what the stem/ deck of the Ideal looked like. Did the inwales extend past the stems with the gunwales then extending even further? Or did the inwales end flush with the stem and the gunwales extending past? And what about the outer stems? My thought is the outer stems met the underside of the gunwales, is this correct? The books I have don't quite give me the insight I need. Any help would be cool.

I will assume you have an open gunnel canoe.

The attached are pictures of the stem of a Yankee, but they were built the same.

The inwales do end over the top of the tip of the stem as in the pictures. The outwales run along the outside of the outside stem and end at the outside stem as seen the pic of the paint OT Charles River.

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1921 OTCA... and 1934 Guide
What Paul said....


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stem deck detail

This really helpful. I appears that the outer stem was applied before the gunwale as I see it in Paul's third photo. I love to see these pictures, they are very helpful.
Now if I could only find out what Auto Gray looked like.