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Ed Moses

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I have just acquired OT # 175196 17 and would appreciate receiving the build sheet info on it. It appears to be all original and I'm wondering year of Mfg. I think it is a short deck OTCA with mahogany outwales. I'm guessing it to be late 50's to early 6o's.

Hi, Ed--

You're right about your new canoe-- Old Town 175196 is a 17 foot Otca, built in September and October of 1965. Your canoe has 2 3/4" planking and the stern seat was moved 2" forward. It was painted a dark color... green? <-- always a safe guess! but maybe you can read something else there...

I'll attach a baby-sized scan of the record, and if you'd like a larger size will send one via email... but my computer is balking at these TIF files in ways it never did prior to being singed by lightening.

Scans of approximately 210,000 records were created with substantial grants from the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (WCHA) and others. Additional information about the project to preserve these records is available at http://www.wcha.org/ot_records/ if you want more details. I know you're a member, but others reading this who aren't yet members of WCHA should understand that it helps support efforts like this a lot to receive even the smallest donation... thanks!



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Photo editor?

Hi Kathy:

If you have any kind of photo editor, (windoze usually comes with one) you should be able to open the Tiff and save it as a jpg or gif, maybe even "reduce size" of the file, and then upload the new compressed or smaller file. Hopefully, that will save you some aggrevation.

On second look, it seems you are already saving as jpg, so I'm out to lunch.

PS: Great to see you have a new project Ed!!


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Hi Fitz--

Nope, you're not out to lunch--- I need to play around with just what you said. When the photo editing program that came with my computer wanted some $$, I simply ignored it. Hadn't used it for much anyway. I converted the files through Outlook Express (by sending them to myself), but they were downsized by that program... way too downsized for those who want copies of build records. Until recently getting DSL, smaller worked better for my computer setup. I'll look into a photo edit program that will compress the file and let it spring to giant size at the viewer's discretion.
1965 OTCA Build sheet info

Thanx Kathryn for taking the time to look my canoe up for me. This one is an immediate user, no repairs needed anywhere and the previous owner had just put a new coat of paint on the hull. He did a right nice job with it also.
I'm ready to join the Norumbega gang on the next canoe outing!!!

Have been enjoying the regular reports on your and Denis' shop. Finally got all the board and batten siding on mine and the rope hoist installed on the beam.

Sawed a sassafras log that I hauled home from New Jersey into 5/4 boards on my sawmill. Want to try my hand at paddle making this winter. What great, aromatic wood that is!!


Sorry i overlooked your comment on my new project but as you can see from my note to Kathryn, - not a thing needed to do to it. I needed that as I just have tooooo many irons in the fire right now with finishing off the shop and sawing for clients. Can't wait for winter!!