Build Sheet Info Please

Hello, Ed. I can give you the details of your canoe, but am not at a computer where I can provide the scan... someone else will have to jump in and attach that. The scan of the build record for OT canoe 43537 is found at #27799 of the Old Town Canoe Company Build Records.

This canoe is a 17' CS (common sense) grade OTCA model, planked in Western red cedar, with open spruce gunwales, ash decks, thwarts, and seats. It has a keel and floor rack and was originally painted palm green. It was shipped February 19, 1917 to E.G. Koenig's Sons in Newark, New Jersey.

Nice old one, Ed! Hope this matches what you have... if not, we can try again.


BINGO !!! That's what I got. The floor rack has the S/N written on the underside of the front slat . Thank you for the info, Sure nice working in my nice warm canoe shop on these frigid days. Makes the winter go by fast. So little time and so many canoes to refurbish/restore. By the way Kathryn, referring back to previous correspondence between you and I, my rotator cuff surgery came out great !!!. Everything is functioning without pain and as strong as before the injury. For a long while there post surgery, I thought I would never get rid of pain and be back to normal. What a painful procedure. My post surgery hip replacement was a piece of cake compared to the shoulder.

Going to look at a potential Morris acquisition this week, at least it has a Morris deck from the photo. Might need some ID tips after I give it a look see and take photos.

Build Record


Here's the build record...


Ric Altfather


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Thanks for posting the build record, Ric.

Hi again, Ed-- Yes, that rotator cuff surgery is tough--- maybe because it's so "in your face": a type of pain you just can't get away from no matter what you do. But it's great to have it behind you and be able to function. Glad you have a nice warm shop to work in... Denis is still waiting for his to have some walls and at least be a storage area for our canoes that live in other people's garages.

It's exciting to hear of another possible Morris for our database! I look forward to photos. You may want to check out the dragonfly site for tips in determining if it's a Morris... the splayed stem can be a giveaway.


Many thanx for the copy of the build sheet, sure appreciate receiving it. I thought it real neat, though probably not unusual, to have the S/N on the stems and a clear, old timey penmanship style penciled corresponding S/N on the underside of the floor rack.


Sure wish we lived closer as I could offer my sawmill services to you and Denis. Would speed up the completion of your canoe shop. Sawed all the lumber for mine from w. pine trees from our woodlot. Bought only 6 pieces of 2X6 pressure treated and two sheets of plywood plus roof shingles. All the rest of the lumber schedule I sawed. Started sawing in July 2006 after our five day Allagash canoe trip, and got the shop roof tight and sided in November Hope you guys find the way to "get er done". It is one of my great joys in life being able to work in my shop.

Regards, Ed