Norumbega Chapter winter meeting is set for February 20th

Larry Meyer

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Norumbega Chapter winter meeting is set for February 20th. All who want to make it are welcome.

Below is posted the details provided by Steve Lapey, chapter chair, in last chapter newsletter.

Speaking of the New Year, the Norumbega Winter Meeting and Social Event will be held at the Hale Reservation in Westwood. We have reserved the Powissette Lodge once again for Sunday, February 20th 2005 from noon ‘til 5:00 pm. We have enough free cash in the Norumbega vault to spring for a couple of deli platters and soda for a luncheon spread, if any one else could bring something else to add to the mix please contact me and we will put something together. As before, we will have a general social hour followed by a business meeting. We will finish up with some canoe related talks and demonstrations. I’m looking forward to this bright spot in what may be a cold and dark winter! I will be sending out a reminder and driving instructions at the end of January for this important event. If anyone has any interesting objects or projects, please bring them along to share with other members.
As a guest to your site, I do not know anything about your chapters. As I read your post I thought about several things. I hope this information will help you, to inform people who would like more information, before they deside to join WCHA.
1) I have no idea where any of these places are :eek:
2) After reading your post I still know nothing about your chapter, What state it meets in, how often you meet, where or how to get more information. :confused: I will brouse your site and see if I can find out about where the chapters are and when they meet.
My apologies if the post was incomplete. To post was an impluse decision of mine intended more as a reminder than a full notice. Chapters are a little lax about using the DF, counting upon Wooden canoe and chapter emails to keep folks posted..But I see Dan has covered for me and made some amends.