Newbie question re: hollowed out logs


Will canoe, and have been canoed,
Having been through the complete cycle of building and restoring wood, wood/canvas, plastic, glass, fiberglass, beerglass, aluminum, plywood, cardboard, recycled beer can, extruded roadkill, and the "six-hour build-a-canoe from a porta-potti", I have decided to go back to the roots of canoe building.

Well, a little above the roots axually: I'm gonna make a canoe from a log.

Here's where I need a little help, and I know there's a lot of you guys who know a lot about the info I need. Please view the picture and offer your advice. I'm relying on you. Thanks.

Thanks Bill!! We've missed your April Fool's posts the last couple of years!
See you at the Assembly? Cavanaugh tells me it is just a few hundred miles from the Lake Placid Micro-Brew. I'm still searching for it. Looked all over the globe. Guess I'll need a real map to get to Peterbourough!!
Cheers !