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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hello Members and forum readers,

What a great source of historic canoe knowledge! I'm just geting started in the hobby but am a long time wooden boat enthusist. Looking forward to posting photos of my first project boat, an Old Town sailing canoe given to me by a friend.

Welcome-- I look forward to hearing more about your project. Do you need the build record for your Old Town?
Thank you for the welcome,
Yes I will submitt the boats hull ID# soon for assistance on the record search.
Right now the boat is still stored in the rafters.



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S.R. : WELCOME. We are in the East Tenn region with about three other guys , so a pocket of activity .
. I had been chasing a few units identical to yours last month with no success. CONGRATS on a nice unit. Do you also have the sails to use .?
. Also long term wood runabout hobby. There is a gathering mid May in the south Knoxville area , if interested . A fiberglass boat mfg company also there with your same screen name .!
. Again WELCOME.
Hello Split,
The sail canoe is not reaaly what I was looking for, and it's going to need total restoration. Let me get it down and take a closer look and I'll send you additional info if you are interested.

Yea, my other boat is plastic!