Good Morning! (brrrrrrrr)

Jim Allenspach

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I know, I know, it's January. I'm in New England. What did I expect?

My first post. I've just discovered the WCHA through a friend in Norwalk, CT. I have been fortunate in meeting a group of very experienced restorers there; John, David and Mariette. They work out of the Wooden Boat Workshop in Norwalk. For a little while longer, anyhow. But that's a story for another post. I'm fascinated how these historic craft can be reclaimed with a little care and effort. Beautiful boats, when done correctly. I look forward to my first project. And learning to edge like Becky Mason.

Paddle on!
It's march now so we are getting closer to ice-out.(light at the end of the tunnel) Spring will soon be upon us! Good luck with your quest to "edge like Mason"!!! T.M.