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I am fairly new to wooden canoes. I have one project stated a Sebago special fisherman 14" square stern. Canvas over cedar. I just picked up a older canoe. Dan Miller thinks it may be a Charles River Robertson. Or maybe a Kennebec. The specs. I have so far are it's 18" by 31 " and looks like 14" high. Closed gunwales, desks are about 36" long both are the same. thwarts are 5" wide just 2 of them and has no seats. The decks and thwarts appear to be Birdeye Maple. I found a plate under one of the decks. I appears to be a repair not a name plate. Still looking for a SN. I am not having any luck uploading pictures here. If you would like to see some feel free to e-mail me at Any information would be great.


Would love to see pictures, so maybe I can give advice that will help. Sometimes the problem is that the image is too big. Some of the picture programs allow you to make a picture smaller. The one that came with my new computer doesn't and I am too lazy to download one that will (until my current program asks for money to keep it going), so when I want to post a picture, I send it to myself because my email program asks me if I want the picture made smaller so it'll be easier to send (it's Outlook Express).

To accomplish this, I right-click on the picture, and one of the options is "send to" and when I click on this, I get "email" as an option, and it asks if I want the picture made smaller or sent full-size (so that if there's a human in the picture, one eye will take up the entire computer screen). So, I have it reduced and email myself and get a nice, small version that I then save to my desktop so I can easily find it again.

Then, I go to FORUMS and begin my message--- either a new thread or a reply. If you reply to this post, scroll down a bit and you'll see "manage attachments" below. If you click on that, you get a "browse" box, and when you click on one of the "browses", you can locate the picture (I find it easiest if I've put the picture somewhere easy to find) and upload it.

I've just uploaded a picture of The Dog. She only gets to ride in canoes that don't have beautifully finished interiors.

If you continue to have problems uploading pictures, Dan can probably help. But I hope we'll get to see your canoe. Birdseye trim can be spectacular.



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Charles River

Kathryn: Thanks for the info. I sent Dan e-mail. to see if he can help with the uploading. Their are pictures on the serial number forum now if you would like to see them. I just clicked on the manage attachments on this posting and looks like it works now.