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I picked up this canoe yesterday. I think it maybe one of the Charles River builders. The inside wales are rounded over on the bottom except where the thwarts and seat bolt in. 5 copper tacks per rib, the last two ribs in the bow and stern are about 1" wide, the other ribs are tapered, has 24" decks. Also at one time their was a name plate on the coaming on the bow. And has a keel, no out side stems just the bands. Rear thwart is 3.5 wide the front is 2" wide and look like they are mahogany. Any ideas? Please see pictures.

Thanks in advance.


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Charles River Tag

Can you post additional pictures of the canoe showing the canoe as a whole?

FWIW - Check the end of the thwarts for a Robertson stamp.

Here is a Robertson tag.

Here are few more pictures.

I will try to take some more.


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C.P. Nutting treated gunwales this way, except all the ones I've seen have been chamfered underneath, not radiused. Hmmm... Can't get to photo files right now... did Brodbeck do this as well?
Few more pictures

Took a few this A.M. I have not found a serial number yet. I called the girl I got the canoe from last night. She is cleaning out her grandfathers barn, is going to see if she can find the name palte. She also has 3 other boats. It's the one in the background.


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Charles River Canoe?

Dear Vernon,

I looked at your canoe this morning, like Fitz on first glance I though Robertson from the tag shadow and the deck layout. The problem is that the deck frames don't show proud under the coming and the ribs taper. A feature that is more common with Maine builders. Could you show a better photo to the stem it looks quite thick and as though it is let in to the ribs. Given the source of this boat you can not count on the thwarts as being original.

Enclosed is another Robertson photo.

Robert P. Ross
Ross Bros.
PO Box 60277
Florence, MA 01062


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I'm guessing it is not a Robertson either after seeing the photos of the rest of the canoe.
More pictures

I have added a few more pictures. And one of my long deck canoe with the birdeye maple desk, thwarts and coaming. They not seem the same construction. I think for now I'll set on it. I still have to finish my Sebago boat and the courting canoe plus a 1921 OT CR ,I picked up last weekend. I got canvas and filler form Bill Clement last week for the courting canoe. Fritz if you could let me know when the Norumbega chapter is getting togeather I'll bring it by. Plus I would like to join.



PS the middle pic is the long deck canoe
last picture is of the bow seat it has a brass spacer


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Norumbega Chapter

Vern, you are in luck. The Norumbega Chapter is sopnsoring the first paddle of the year tomorrow, April 26th, on the Parker River in Georgetown, MA. Give me a call at 978 374 1104 and I'll be glad to fill you in on all the details and get you signed up with the Chapter.

Steve Lapey
Took another look.

I took a look at the canoe tonight. The wales look like they are chamfered. More of a flat cut. The seats have lap joints.


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