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Newbie here, and about to purchase an old Old Town Canoe from a gentleman in town. I have always admired the old wood w/canvass canoes and would genuinely love to restore this canoe to a thing of beauty. I really don't know much about this particular canoe, but was able to pull the serial number off today when I saw it for the first time. The serial number is 148782 18. Is there anything anyone can tell me about it?

As for shape, it has no canvass on it presently and the outer gunwales are pretty much gone, but the inner gunwale doesn't look to bad. The inside of the boat looks good, with wear showing where your feet would be but generally looks pretty good. The fasteners seem to be brass, including the nails and screws. The canoe has a keel the entire length of it.

Any information would be helpful, thank you.
Hi Dugkim,

You may get a response, or list it in serial number search.

They can get you a copy of the build record.

Good Luck,

You found the right spot to help with info about your restoration.

New Proud Owner of a 1947 18' Old Town Guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for the great information while I was researching this potential purchase. The sale is now final and she (s#148784) is MINE!!:D

As soon as I have her home, I will take some pictures of the restoration work need to bring her back. I will need your advice and help to do it right.

After a few looks at her, she is in need of new gunwales (inner and outter). The hull looks really good and am thinking she wont need ANY decks or supports replaced. The only canvas on her now is that which is left a couple inches each side (and under) of the full length keel. Can you buy new ready-made gunwales to install? Or do you have to make them from scratch?

I really am a newbie when it comes to this and will definitely need to find someone to either outright perform the restoration or even better, someone who will allow me to help in the process. Any recommendations for someone in SE Michigan who might would be greatly appreciated.