Newbie To Forum And Potential Stripper Buyer



Curious about Wooden Canoes

Thanks for your input. The canoe sold. It was up for over a month before I took a look at it. Was hesitant about a stripper, but the more I've looked into it the more interested I've become. Maybe this experience has been valuable in that it has encouraged me to look deeper into the idea of building one myself. I think it would be a great feeling to be taking a trip in a canoe built with my own hands. Would be a great way to make valuable use of the cold winter months in Northern MN!

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond!

Jim Dodd

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Some great info on building strippers, and up to date, is available from many sources online. is an excellent choice.

Nick Schade of Gilliemont kayaks, is considered the Guru of strip building ! I'd have to agrre. Search out his Youtube videos !

The North Country ought to have many good builders, willing to share their knowledge, even give a helping hand ! Search them out !