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Hi all, I need some advise, was hoping somebody out there might have a wise word...

Being a practical man a friend has entrusted me with his wooden canoe to restore. It is over 80 years old but it very good condition having been stored in a barn for years. It is cedar planked over ribs (also cedar I think) and originally canvassed although this has been stripped off. I am replacing the oak gunwales at the mo.

My questions relates to the canvassing:

- What type and weight of canvass would anyone recommend? Is flax a sensible option?
- What type of glue is used? I imagine something that will allow a recanvassing in the future.
- Is the canvass stretched over wet to follow the contours better? Does this dictate the glue used?

Any opinions and advise would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Giles
NO GLUE! Canvas is stretched, dry and tacked (stapled) at each rib.
In general #10 cotton canvas duck is used.


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It would be worthwhile to get a copy of the book "The Wood and Canvas Canoe: A Complete Guide to Its History, Construction, Restoration, and Maintenance" by Jerry Stelmok, Rollin Thurlow, or "Building the Maine Guide Canoe" by Jerry Stelmok. They both cover the whole process nicely, and local libraries may have them as well. Canvas filler formulas are available here:
Thanks Dave, thanks Martin, I shall buy the book. Some sort of natural glue had been used previously I think but I can see how beneficial it would be to do without.