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Curious about Wooden Canoes
hello.......i am completley new to the canoe sport...........i went on a canoe and had to buy i found a "muskoka fine watercraft company wooden canoe. It is 16 foot........the interior finish is beutiful.....the exterior is stripped of its there any way to waterproof the exterior without canvas?.......the reason i ask this.......i would like to show off the beutiful wood instead of covering it....and the very center at the stern.i believe its the "bang" is rotted at the going to the bookstore i can talk about this with some degree of intellegence.Has any1 ever heard of this brand of canoe?
Remember that when you are using your canoe, all you see is the wooden interior. Do you really care if passer-byes see wood rather than paint.
For my money, most wooden boats look better when thay have a painted elements. Just take a look at Rollin Thurlow's site.
It is easier to maintain. it lasts longer. It allows you to change the look of your boat at will. Lastly, when it comes to repairs, it will take three times the effort if the canoe is glassed. If you really want an all wood boat, start shopping for a traditional cedar-strip or a lapstrake.
May of these wood-canvas canoes have been covered with fiberglass and some kind of resin. The drawback is it can encourage wood rot because the inside of the boat is not sealed in the same way. These boats are clinche -nailed together. Periodically they may need to have the nails reset. Once a boat is glassed that can't be done any more. And lastly, it takes the value of the canoe right down the toilet.
Wood-canvas canoes are like the items on the "Antiques Road Show". You modify them at your own peril. Protect and increase your investment by keeping the boat original.
I seem to recall a company with this (or very similar) name that was competing for the Chestnut name. I can't recall how it ended up but I believe that they actually sold canoes under the Chestnut moniker for a while. In fact they may still produce paddles with that logo.
I could be mistaken (likely) but I am sure Jack or Dick would know.