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Curious about Wooden Canoes
So we solved the problem with the strips snapping on the sides to the stems, but now they are snapping going from the bottom to the stems. This is a hard transition from relatively flat with a slight bend to a sharp bend to the stem and every strip is snapping. I am considering stopping the strips prior to the sharp bend and possible making smaller patch strips to fit in the section. I doubt this is the right fix though.
Please help. I am stuck.
Can you post a picture? Is your cedar really dry (brittle?)?

Green strips work best or you could apply heat with a heat gun (carefully) to give the strip more flex.
The wood is from old growth and has extremely tight rings (over 150 rings in a 10" board). It has been drying for about 3 years. I will try the heat gun and see. What do you think about running a few strips into a position they will take and fill in the gap with some small trimmed down strips after the rest of the canoe has been stripped? Will that hold with just glue and a few staples? With doing this I have this bad feeling they will pop out when I start removing the staples and start sanding.
here are some pics of th eissuews and general pics of the crew ups I have made.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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