help with ufo

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I know someone will know this one right off but I am clueless as to what it is.
15' 9" x 37" Width may have opened up. Zero tumblehome.
An expert restoration appears to have been done. the inwales are accurately spliced. Almost invisible.
The center thwart is missing but leaves behind four plugged holes. Two per side.
Looks like shellac was used inside.
Hand caned seats
regular keel.
non brass stem band.
decks are shaped underside and very tight fit. I wonder if they are rplaced? Flat hand thwarts.
knee brace from top of stems to tip of decks underneath is nicely made and fitted. Fastened with slotted screws.
narrow planks fit nice.
Ribs are tapered and bevelled both sides and no irregualarities.
There are no no markings anywhere. I wonder if the stems were rplaced?


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a couple more photos

here are a couple more photos.
Any help is greatly apreciated.


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I forgot--

Forgot to mention. I think that much can be learned once the canvas comes off but I thought I'd post here first. The next step is to remove canvas and look for more evidence.

The screws are all slotted. Outwales fastened from the outside. The gore planks look distinctive. What did you think of the stem to deck tip braces?

the dimensions are 15'9" x 37" which seems to be chestenut river prospector? But the ribs are tapered and beveled.
Dave, is it my eyes or has it had inner gunwale tips done? kind of looks like a joint/different wood, and the taper is clumsy. That would explain the odd decks if replacements; yet another one that lived too long upside down on the ground? Looks like a later Chestnut to me, goofy keel and all.

the inwales ARE spliced in a long top to bottom splice. But the screws are slotted and the ribs are beveled both sides and nothing out of order as I would expect to see on a Chestnut. Plus, the seats are hand caned. Plus there are well made braces under the tip of the deck that I've never heard of before. I think that whoever restored it did a very good job.
Ooops, gotta read more carefully - you said they were spliced right off the bat:eek: I just see photos and zoom in right away and try sleuthing!
hi Andre'

I wasn't shouting. my fat finger sometimes taps the caps lock button and today it was on the verb and I thought hmm Emphasis. I'll leave it.

I'm going to guess Chestnut River Prospector based on the length and width alone. The caned seats, the slotted screws, the splices and the deck braces I will attribute to a really good restorer.

Any other input anybody?
shouting? oh yeah the capitals thing, never even saw that! dont pay much attention to that stuff, was upset with myself for not reading the first post more closely. apparently I did it again.....:eek:
Not likely a Chestnut or Peterborough. Decks are wrong [ may have been replaced ] and they used planking at the ends for the final ribs.


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slipped my mind--

Hi Dave. Yes, I forgot about the thin/wide cants. I suspect the deck although undercut and nicely fitting, is a replacement, but I'm not sure. I should check to see if the radius fits a paint can lid. I though PY but the screws are slotted. I guessed Chestnut because of the length/width numbers alone. But that cant rib makes me think you're right, I think I can rule out Canadian altogether.