Moose back photos? Anyone?

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Awhile back I seem to recall a discussion and photo of someone riding moose back. Paddle up and jump on.

A friend of mine actually did it years ago and I'd sure like to show him a photo of the past time.

Hi Greg, thanks. that's the thread. My friend Emory Clark did it on a trip once and describes it in his journal. I'll see if I can copy it here later. and I hope to save/print the photos and give to Emory. His moose got tired so Emory got off and climbed back into his OT and paddled away before reaching shore. A good thing, I think. He said that a moose's back is much less comfortable than that of a horse. An assessment i can accept without having to prove for myself.
trying to attach.

Thanks for the photos. I am trying to attach files of Emory's journal titled, "Lucy's Log". I hope it works and is enjoyed.


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" Of Moose and Men"

Here are some interesting images for your viewing pleasure from back in the goode old days of moose and men.:cool:


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Hey Beaver,

I 1st pics, is that another of the early Ely team, I think owned by someone named Cashman (or similar). If so, pics of his team have got around.

I'm pretty sure that the one posted on a Gunflint resort web site is another, it's attached.



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