OTCA Repair needed on Cape Cod


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Looking for someone near Cape Cod to do a repair/restoration. A friend has a 18' OTCA in Mashpee that suffered some damage in hurricane Irene. Boat will need new canvas and filler, has several small holes in the planking. I haven't seen it since it was damaged, but am told that all the ribs are intact. I seem to recall that the outwale was already broken near one of the stems so I wouldn't count on being able to reuse it. There is a little rot at the stem ends, filled with wood putty. WIll need new brass stembands. The boat is 9 hours from me so I won't be going to get it. This was my friend's father's boat and she is attached to it and paddles it often. She would like to have it back in action by next summer.

Anyone out there interested in taking on the project? My friend is a part-time Cape Cod resident who is in Baltimore currently (their house there was damaged in Irene when an oak fell through the roof - a double whammy) but will be back in Mashpee sometime before 9/8.

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I am on it!!

Benson, you are really slowing down!:cool:

Really, really kidding here, but the canoe in question has already had some ribs replaced, some planking replaced, some stem repairs, staining to match, new varnish, new canvas and is drying nicely in my garage awaiting a new paint job when "winter" breaks. It has a home on a fresh water pond on Cape Cod.

The canoe was close to home, and it has a loving family, so I offered to fix her up. It suffered some damage in the last hurricane to go by. She will be a looker. She has all the bells and whistles. AA Grade, mahogany trim, outside stems, full length bang plate, mast step, floor rack etc.

Most materials supplied by WCHA vendors.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I recently got a real job again, so I hope this does not impact the shipping date!!

Benson, you are really slowing down

Yes, I know. Every summer is so busy that I don't catch up on things like this until the middle of the next winter. I am down to only 1088 unread messages now from several thousand at the peak. This sounds like a great canoe and I'm glad that you are taking care of it. Thanks,