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Craig Johnson

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This week the rib steamer is moonlighting as a evaporator, or maybe it's the other way around. Either way the FREE gas s the only way to fly (use to do it with wood) and yes we also make syrup in southeast Ohio. Just sanded the filler on my 1939 Kennebec 17' and will work on painting this week while doing syrup. Photos of that later.


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I love maple syrup (especially on pancakes)....I used to work at an environmental education centre that ran maple bush demonstration tour....various school groups during the week....huge public tours on weekends....demonstrated old process of making syrup....from First pioneer into bucket....bucket into huge outdoor pot (actually three pots on fire if I remember the sap went through different stages of 'boiling down')....then plastic tubing and gravity feed....and evaporator....there was always a free sample of sap....and of finished syrup....always great fun...tasty too
A good year

These weeks are about getting all the taps done...the lines are in according to my son. He does the maple thing.
This is a busy time of year.
The extra snow makes the woods a challenge but it should hold the the temperatures for a while...could be a really good year..
Speaking of which, is that 65?
Liking those thoughts of Spring

Spring is still a long way off where we are... but we do have the dogsled races this weekend and other wintry-stuff. Currently enjoying some warmer weather... hope it doesn't confuse the trees. We still have the traditional St. Patrick's Day blizzard to look forward to...