Me needum canoe to restore!!!!!

Hey back, from the Upper Peninsula!

Are you in touch with your local WCHA chapter? Some of the folks there may have "extra" boats, or know where to look. The folks/dudes/dudettes in your local chapter may have near-by sources of restoration supplies-- including wood of the type and length necessary for canoes. And local chapter members could give you feedback on your project-- maybe even "in-person".

Chris; Just how much work do you want to do? I have an Old Town Sponson canoe that can only be described as being in wretched condition, when being generous. But, the price is right. Just remember, you get what you pay for. And, it's right here in Michigan. All you have to do is pick it up. I don't believe we're too far apart.
Do you have it yet?

Dont forget, I may be younger than you Gil, but I'm still getting pretty damned old. Sounds like the thing weighs as much as a VW Bug too. Are you trying to break my back for good? Perhaps youre just jealous of my supreme prowess in the wilds? :eek: Come on, wheres that Charles River I've been lookin for?
Chris, I'm older than both of you, and I have a Charles River (18', AA grade). Talk about breaking your back! It's for sale if you're interested though it's pretty well restored
You may be older, but......

Pete, older yes, but youll always be better lookin! Yes, the Charles River would be to big and heavy for me at that length and trim level. Keep your eyes peeled for me? :D