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Andre Cloutier

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Does anyone have a source for Bill Mason videos, there was a pack of 6 that was offered in a back issue of Kanawa magazine I was reading, but couldnt find anything on the website recently; years ago it was about $80 or $90 back then, and had a bunch of titles. Didnt find anyting on Redcanoes website either....
Hi Andre,
To find pretty much all of his work go to The national film board offers all of it and you can order directly from them at great prices as well.

hope this helps.
this may be what your looking for

"Join Bill Mason, seasoned canoeist, noted conservationist and wildlife expert as he explains and demonstrates the art of canoeing on quiet water and whitewater. Each of these four film classics is about 28 minutes long. Path of the Paddle: Quiet Water includes Solo Basic and Doubles Basic, two films that show the basic strokes in maintaining control in a canoe. Path of the Paddle: Whitewater includes Solo Whitewater and Doubles Whitewater, which focus on reading the rapids and using the basic paddling strokes to reduce the risk in whitewater canoeing and to increase the sheer joy of a whitewater run.

the price is 29.95 canadian

Great, thanks very much
there were a couple I wanted, I think one was death of a legend, or wilderness - I cant remember off hand, but they were bundled by the retailer I had seen, and there were six in particular, though I know there are more
And I really want to get the one with the wolves
thanks again
This is maybe

I think the videos tou are after where offered for sale from what is now called paddle Canada used to beCanadian Recreational Canoein g Association,folks that bring you Kanawa magazine.Through their bookstore they had what they called a Mason"s corner and offered some of the films he did with the Canada Film Board,Death of a Ledgend one of them the others might have been Paddle to The Sea and another aboutglaciation the title escapes me.

Do not know if they sell books and things anymore
Mason had wolves for awhile raised them at Meech lake and filmed them