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Flat cap Andy

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi Folks
You don't get many wood canvas canoes in the UK but, after reading far too much about Bill Mason, I've just managed to get hold of a newly restored 12ft Huron that was imported into the country some years back. Well, is it a Huron? No one is really sure, pictures have been posted on this forum by its previous owner Sam. Huron or home build was the conclusion. Here's Sam's rebuild thread...on another forum that you may be familiar with.
As you can see he has done a rather splendid job. Needing the space, Sam sold it to me after building, from scratch, a new 15ft wood canvas canoe! I am so not worthy!
Of course it's the wrong time of year to buy a canoe and of course I am itching to get out in it more than the one short paddle I have managed so far....Oh it's going to be a long winter ...
By the way 'The Smoke' is what they used to call London when coal was the main source of heat....and chronic bronchitis was as popular as the Kardashains.

Mark Adams

all wood nut
Hi Andy,

If you are interested and on FaceBook, I can put you in touch with a mate who paddles there, in all seasons. Nige is quite familiar with all the interesting canals, rivers, ponds and puddles. He is a great guy, and bonkers for paddling. Shoot me a PM!