Looking for Paddle blank patterns


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Anybody know a good source?
Will pay or take free drawing files! :)

Thanks for any help.


I actually have that book.

I am wanting to create a paddle for decorative purposes, not functional reasons and I am a complete beginner. I'm really just hunting for a template to guide my jig saw in cutting the paddle from the blank (with symmetry and nice proportions).

Maybe a nice cad drawing that I can print to scale and lay on and trace over the material.

Any other areas you could point me?



P.S. You're illustrated thread was the first I one I read here! Very nice work.
Hopefully someday my handy work will be comparable.
I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't say, Welcome to the WCHA Forums! Just realized this is your first post here...

In the Paddle Designs pages near the end of the book, you'll find that each design has a "table of offsets" which will help you create your own pattern for this purpose. Instructions on how to use the tables are on pages 68 - 71, under "Marking Out." The discussion may seem difficult to follow when you're just reading it, but when you start actually doing this, follow it very carefuly, step by step, and it'll all fall into place, and even make sense. Do your first one on poster board, and your first mistakes are easy to throw away. ;)

You can also read the other posts in this part of the forum, where you'll find no end of great advice from paddle-makers much more skilled & experienced than I! Don't hesitate to ask questions -- several folks on these pages have posted one of my favorite adages, which is "The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask." Folks here don't just talk about it, they live it. I've often found that getting multiple responses to a question creates a lot of options I didn't know I had. Oh, and the humor is priceless...

Of course, we like pictures of paddles, too -- progress updates & finished product as well!

Keep your cutting tools sharp, and I'll look forward to hearing & seeing what you're up to!