looking for information on a chestnut canoe

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Curious about Wooden Canoes
what i am looking for is info on a chestnut ojibway the one i am working on which might not be and ojibway. i lofted out the redbird on paper last night which is suppose to be off the chestnut ojibway it is not even close to the canoe i have but i also found that the measurements dont match the sizes specificed in the book canoe craft by ted moore some thing is off there can any body tell me where i could find some specs on the ojibway canoe the canoe i am working on is 20'4" long 35" wide and 12 1/4 " deep at the center seat and maximun bean is 36 1/4" she has a shallow arch almost flat bottom there is a 1 1/2" rocker the profile is 23" and she has a long curved back bow and stern i can tell she would take very little draft in the water at the wides point the floor is 29" wide before the ribs start to rise sharp that 29" there is about 1/2 inch arch in the floor and in the past there was something bolted to the floor of the canoe maybe a raised floor to protect the ribs . do you people have any answers thank you very much in advance for your help
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canoe pics this is some different views

these are a few of the pics the chestnut canoe i can not find any information on this chestnut


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Chestnut Ogilvy Jock?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the 3 in. wide closely spaced ribs suggest a Chestnut Ogilvy. If both ends are pointed, and it is not a square stern it may be a "Jock".

The Jock was about 20 ft long, 13 inches or you could get a deeper 14 in., 37 inch beam, 3 or 4 thwarts.


thank you fitz

thank fitz she is pointed on both ends. last night i counted a total of 68 ribs. there are 40 broken plus a lot of the planking is full of dry rot, and both stems are rotten. so i am going to take her completely apart and build amould and rebuild from scratch. so i will being looking for some help later as i go. thank you very much for your help. know i have a starting place for information on the canoe the ribs are spaced 1/2 of and inch and heavy built she has 4 twart .the prevous owner thought it was and ojibway . i went and checked the spec on the jock that is it she she was crushed by ice . later as we maritimer's say
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I own an 18 foot Ogilvy. Tight rib spacing is very much like as is stem profile. What is center thwart like--real wide? Ogilvy is very flat bottomed. Great poling canoe.
Can you still read the serial # on the stem? Curious to see if it is anything like a "Jock"....I have the 18...and according to the list posted on here...it does appear to be one from your description....I also have the 16. and definitely like them both....
Ogilvy Alex (I think)

Here are some pix of what I think is an Ogilvy Alex for comparison. It's a 22 footer. No idea what year (or even what decade) it was made.


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