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Curious about Wooden Canoes
i just was given a chestnut ojibway canoe a ice load came off a metal roof of acamp on the nashwaak river it crushed one side in completely and the canoe appears to be twisted i am wondering what approach should i us to restore this canoe try to fix it or cut the center out completely build amould and try to splice in a new center about 4 feet on both ends of the canoe appears to be in good shape i put temperary gunales in and spliced the old inside one to it the canoe has straighten quit abit but the canoe has a bent to one side so it is out of shape 15 ribbs in the center are broken and the canoe is broken about 6inches down the sides right at the cross braces behind the seats and she hogged up in the center about 5inches it is so bad it broke and popped the center rib off one side i have also discovered a few cracked ribs in the ends that i thought about keeping and i have started to remove the fiberglass from the wood and what a job that is i would appreciate comments i will try to post some picts to show the damage thank you very much people
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this is my canoe shots


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fwiw, here're my thoughts.

Getting the 'glass gone is a good place to start.
You'll need to make some decisions, starting with if you will restore, rebuild, or remodel. After that you will have to determine a plan of action. perhaps a plan A and plan B. Just know that it IS possible given time and determination.

I suggest an initial goal of restoring. And then be willing to be flexible as necessary. And you may as well fix everything while you're at it.