Looking For Info On A Specific Canoe Built In Ontario...


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I’m seeking information on wood/canvas canoes manufactured by Robert H. Manross (b1886, d1979). I believe he built the canoes in the 1940 – 1960 timeframe in or around Rice Lake near Peterborough, Ontario Canada. I worked for him for a number of years near the end his life, and he taught me how to paddle (pry stroke), portage and repair and maintain wood/canvas canoes. I’m now looking to locate and acquire one of his canoes for my personal use.

Manross was a former clock parts manufacturer from Bristol, Connecticut USA who spent many years living in Ontario with his wife Ethel. They were avid outdoors people and conservationists, and moved there to pursue a bush lifestyle. They lived among and traveled extensively with a number of first nations Ojibway families. He attributed his extensive bush skills to the years he spent trapping, hunting and fishing with them. He was also an avid craftsman and inventor, and had a vision for a specific design wilderness tripping canoe (low bows, broad beam, stable, high cargo capacity) which he claimed he couldn’t find among commercial vendors. So he designed and made his own form, and began producing canoes. I don’t how many he produced or under what name. I realize this is a complete shot in the dark, but I’m hoping somebody can offer some info.