Lookin' for Canoe Campers


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Anybody interested in a trip? 5-6 days in Ontario-Quebec, I'm open August 7th or Sept 11th. Take that canoe off the mantel and use it for what it was built for...
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It would be great fun

to take a wood canvas canoe trip in Canada this summer. Please add me to your list of prospective paddlers. I paddle a 14' solo. Either of your dates works for me. Will you be at the WCHA gathering in NY or the Freestyle symposium in NY this summer?

Andy Lee
Room for a few more canoes...

So far it's just AndyLee and myself, and we are only in the planning stages, so if you can get away either the week of August 7th or Sept 11th (we have not picked a week yet)for a five day paddle here's some list of requirements.
First, you need to paddle a wooden canoe.
Second, see #1
Not much experience? It's not all that hard. It will be a relaxed pace with "Vacation" the key word.
If you have the gear, and can carry your canoe across a portage, it would be nice to share a campsite with like minded folks.
You can email me at rdlauer_00@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
Thanks, Robin