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Scott Barkley

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I just bought this 12' row boat but not sure who the manufacturer is. I'm thinking it's a Thompson Brothers, but not sure. The serial number is stamp on the inside of the stern #BX 21114111. There was a tag at one time on the front deck, but it's gone. Thanks for your help. Scott


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Hi Scott-- If you post some pictures, someone may recognize your boat. Few records exist for any of the old boat and canoe-building companies. Occasionally, a serial number will be distinctive enough that someone will say, "that's a Penn Yan" even though there are no Penn Yan records... and sometimes a boat will have a registration number that the owner can track down through state records and learn more about the boat that way. Mostly, though, we figure things out via pictures. The nice thing is that people such as myself learn how to identify different boats and canoes this way too.

There's a section called "FAQs" in the forums here that explains how to upload pictures if you have any problems.


I went to the Thompson dock side web site and yes, it's a 12' TVT Row Boat. The 2 front seats are not original along with the outer gunwales. The only serial number is stamped on the inside of the transom, port side. I'm assuming a 1940's era boat. Thanks for your help. Scott