Killbear Paddlers Rendezvous

john hupfield

fire starter/wood burner
We have been informed that we once again have Granite Saddle Campground at Killbear Provincial Park available for the Umpteenth Paddlers Rendezvous.
All Chapters and Paddlers (with emphasis on Sailing Canoes and of course Builders} are welcome; September 10 through 13 (with proviso to stay longer if desired).
The finest campground on some of the finest open water anywhere.
Last year featured outrigger racers. This year we hope to see more canoe sailors and WCHA members.
Reservations for sites do not apply. It's OK, we generally have open house anyway.
This is a non-commercial,family friendly event attracting paddlers and sailors from all over the Great Lakes and beyond.
Please consider this an open invitation to all chapters to come up and enjoy the pristine waters of Georgian Bay and enjoy some Northern Chapter hospitality. If you've never been up, the campgrounds feature comfort stations with hot showers, toilets and running water. Room for tent trailers and small RVs as well. Its a great cap to the summer, the bugs are gone but the water is still warm. And this years burn pile will feature an all wood wideboard canoe as well. Hope to see you there.
Is there any new info on this Killbear event, We will be going right by there on our way to Killarney Prov Park. Sounds like we shouldn't miss it!!
We camped at Killbear last Sept, not sure of the site but it was right on the water...beautiful area, great paddling

Hopefully someone will be able to take some pictures and post them here.


The dates are 11 and 12 September. Some show up as early as Thursday and stay longer.
Granite Saddle Campgound is dlosed for thus event. You go to the Administration Building and tell them you are there for Paddlers Rendezvous.
They will rent you a campsite on a first come basis. I forget how many sites but certainly adequate and safe to leave your boat near the beach.
Prepare to meet new folks and don't be shy about it.
Some stotres near and some restaurants. Long way to the Beer store.
Can be wonderful paddling and sailing.
Pictures of previous Rendezvous have been posted here in the past.
Just a day away from burning some boats, hope to see some new faces as the weather will be cooperating again this year. Photos to follow.....:eek: