15th Annual Killbear Paddlers Rendezvous/ Northern Lakes chapter

john hupfield

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September 9th, 10th, 11th 2011 at Granite Saddle Campground, Killbear Provincial Park, (the Georgian Bay side of Lake Huron)
3 or 4 days of warm water, beaches, no bugs, sunsets, barbecues, canoes racing, canoes sailing, exotic canoes, real canoes, paddlers, builders, camping, ...
The Park is 2 hours north of Toronto, and features some of the best beaches and camping available anywhere.
Sites are available on a first come basis (no reservations apply). Fees about $35.00 per day. Granite Saddle Campground is set aside for Paddlers Rendezvous. This is a paddling/camping event and attracts many serious Paddlers.
This is a Non-Commercial event. Did I say it was for Paddlers?
I was at last year's....definitely planning on being there this year too, hopefully longer than just Saturday and Sunday (hoping to be there on Thursday if possible)....a great weekend....
I'm trying to get Ted Moores and his electric launch there as well. Think I said eclectic.
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We've got a cedar canvas and a wideboard that we'll be viewing and discussing in detail, noting the particular construction details and histories of each boat. Then we'll burn them:D:D
A Reminder to plan to attend The Rendezvous at Killbear Provincial Park, September 9 and 10. with access available from Thursday.
Good response so far, though we never know who is coming till they show up. Hopefully Gord Cole will have some modern canoes to compliment our woodies and sailing canoe fleet. Some further commitment from 16/30's would be welcome. Cruisers and Open Canoes seem to be lining up for fun.
Well not to mention any names but we are getting an interesting response to Paddlers Rendezvous with Recognized names and an interesting assortment of sailing canoes to offset the traditional power paddlers.
Next weekend... September 9 through whenever you decide to leave. Camping is Great.
Unfortunately won't be there after all....have to be at Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Show....but hoping everybody has a great time....I'll miss the viewing and discussion of the cedar canvas and the wideboard before they're sacrificed by fire LOL LOL....but I'll really miss hanging out with WCHA members....and some other great paddlers....of many different paddling styles....I hope the organizers such as John Hupfield have a very successful gathering....I'll be thinking of you guys up on Georgian Bay while I'm in Toronto....
Off the whirlwind tour of Sturgis camp David comes back to Killbear, awesome. Local Corn and bbq with Northern Lakes Chaper Friday nite, the fish fry Saturday! What hardware are you bringing? Try for something full of epoxy to impress the Gougeons:D Or maybe Pearsons new relic so we can gunwale bob, serve him right for not coming:eek:
Countdown begun! Last call and invitation to attend, weather looks like it will cooperate again this year.:cool:


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Road Trip

I think I am packed.....now where did I put my head dress?:p

Not since college. The cans get in the way of my horns.:eek:

Is the wind gonna blow?
IMG_3773.JPGIMG_3760.JPGIMG_3744.JPGIMG_3799.JPG15th annual was the best yet. Northern lakes chapter welcomed WCHA'ers from around the province, and as far away as NY, Ma and Mi. We had a dozen sailing canoes, lots of paddling boats and sent 4 people out on a maiden voyage on the two 16/30s. Much swimming in the 70deg water and lots of good times. Thanks to all who made the trek, we contributed over 24 people to the Rendezvous overall. Sailing canoes development was well represented by Hugh Horton with his Bufflehead design, and Meade Gougeon of West System fame. In addition we had designers and 3 builders attend, with picture perfect weather and even a screech owl at 4a.m. Mark your calendar for next year and we hope to see many new faces as well as the regular ones.